An Astellas Company

targeting mitochondria advancing human health


Mitobridge is committed to working collaboratively with leaders in the field of mitochondrial biology and medicine  in order to identify new therapeutics that enhance mitochondrial function and ultimately improve the quality of life for patients.

Mitobridge is actively seeking strategic relationships with academic and industry collaborators as well as disease foundations. These partnerships will leverage and extend Mitobridge’s expertise in this evolving research area and, most importantly, ensure that Mitobridge delivers innovative drug candidates.

In October 2013, Mitobridge announced a R&D collaboration with Astellas Pharma that is focused on discovering and developing novel therapeutics that act by improving mitochondrial function. The two organizations have a shared vision for building a leading company in this emerging field. The partnership leverages the complementary strengths of both companies and has the potential to establish new treatments for medical conditions, for example, metabolic, and musculoskeletal diseases, some of which may be genetic disorders.

Mitobridge has forged multiple alliances with patient advocacy groups and several consortiums. We appreciate that having access to the patient community will be a critical component to our success. Mitobridge hopes to work closely with members of the broader community to best align unmet medical needs with the clinical development of new treatments.